Move faster! Why running is a good balance to cycling and can makes you faster

Running can help you become a better cyclist. And faster. For sure.

Running and cycling are both excellent forms of cardiovascular exercise, each offering unique benefits. Incorporating jogging into your fitness routine can complement cycling in several ways:

👉🏻 Impact on Different Muscle Groups

Cycling primarily targets the lower body muscles, such as the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. Jogging, on the other hand, engages a broader range of muscles, including those in the legs, core, and upper body. By combining both activities, you can ensure a more comprehensive workout that targets a wider range of muscle groups.

👉🏻 Weight-Bearing Exercise

Jogging is a weight-bearing exercise, which means it puts stress on the bones and helps maintain bone density. While cycling is excellent for cardiovascular health and muscle endurance, it is not weight-bearing and does not provide the same bone-strengthening benefits as jogging. Incorporating jogging into your routine can help prevent bone loss and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

👉🏻 Improved Running Performance

If you participate in multi-sport events like triathlons or duathlons, or if you simply enjoy running races, jogging can help improve your running performance. Running-specific workouts, such as intervals, tempo runs, and long runs, can enhance your aerobic capacity, speed, and endurance, translating to better performance during running events.

👉🏻 Cross-Training Benefits

Cross-training, or incorporating a variety of activities into your fitness routine, can help prevent overuse injuries and improve overall fitness. Cycling and jogging complement each other well as they provide similar cardiovascular benefits while engaging different muscles and movement patterns. By alternating between cycling and jogging, you can reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries and enhance overall fitness and endurance.

👉🏻 Mental Refreshment

Jogging can offer a change of scenery and a break from the repetitive motion of cycling. It allows you to connect with nature, explore different routes, and enjoy a different form of movement, which can be mentally refreshing and rejuvenating. Mixing up your workouts with jogging can prevent boredom and keep you motivated to stay active.

Overall, incorporating jogging into your fitness routine alongside cycling can provide a well-rounded workout that enhances cardiovascular health, strengthens bones, prevents injuries, and improves overall fitness and performance.

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