Filmtipp: The Tour Divide bike race // 2,745-mile journey // Rapha Gone Racing // with Lael Wilcox

The Tour Divide bike race is a grueling, 2,745-mile journey that takes riders through the most rugged and remote terrain in North America. The race began in Banff, Alberta, and ended in Antelope Wells, New Mexico. Riders faced extreme weather conditions, including snow and ice, and had to navigate steep mountain passes and winding trails.

Lael Wilcox is an endurance cyclist who has completed many long-distance rides, including a solo ride across the United States. She is also an environmental activist who is working to raise awareness about the impact of climate change on the planet, discusses the importance of cycling as a form of transportation, and she shares her tips for cycling in difficult terrain. Lael also talks about the importance of staying positive and maintaining a positive attitude during long rides.