Trans Am Bike Race 2023 – Omar Di Felice is the winner!

Omar Di Felice finished das Trans Am Bike Race 2023 mit 6.800 Kilometern in 18 Tagen und 10 Stunden. Respekt und Glückwunsch!

18 days and 10 hours: how many things can happen during this time? You can cross the United States for example: escaping a tornado, crossing Yellowstone at night, seeking shelter in the throes of hypothermia, and much more.
But the most important things are what happens inside you.
I have dedicated my life to the bike, often sacrificing important parts of it.
Everything is never so linear, but it’s in moments like this that your heart feels full of pride and happiness.
I won the toughest and most iconic race in the world, one that apparently doesn’t suit my characteristics.
I can hardly believe it: if it’s a dream, don’t wake me up.